Second time to Varanasi

Another trip to Varanasi today, wondering how the wait for the taxi will compare to last Friday. Perhaps we will take a rickshaw or tuk-tuk despite the dust, the heat, the bumps, holding onto luggage. At least we don’t have to wait for those. Looking ahead with anticipation for the food there, it’s difficult being a foodie in Sarnath.  A room with air conditioning, a much needed treat, the ac in our bedroom out for the past five days. It feels good, to think of going back, a place with now a slight sense of familiarity, at least around Assi Ghat. I hope we end up moving there, the decision pretty much made. Security in the smallness of Sarnath, the road with it’s garbage, cow dung, pot holes and rocks, at least familiar now. The Sarnath Cafe with the red and black table tops, the goldfish watching as we plays cards every night, waiting for dinner. Despite the need for stability, a tiny respite here from constant change, I’m ready for new experience. Or at least I think I am.

A trip!

We are planning a trip to Varanasi where we will stay over the weekend. The purpose is to check out some places to live as we may decide to make Varanasi our home rather than Sarnath. There ain’t much happening on our road, we want to compare the other option. I told Greg we can’t figure it out by going for an afternoon, we need to experience it for a couple of days. Yep, me and my fragile self are ready for Sarnath on steroids (just for a couple of days). I think being able to go out to dinner for some non-vegetarian food and actually have some choices has made me feel better. So, tomorrow, Friday, we are off!