What I learned in January 2017

What I learned in January 2017(and probably other times)

I learned one should hold off on worrying. One of the squirrels was back today. And another thing that felt like the end of the world temporarily, has worked out. I’ve asked myself if I were not physically alone, would I worry less, use that person who was physically near/with me, as a sounding board? Will see if I ever have the opportunity to try that. Again. For now, I’m thankful for my kids and my friends.

I learned Mark Nepo is a wealth of information and what he writes is brilliant and helpful. Eye opening. Produces growth. I could read something of his every day from this day forward and I hope I do.

I learned (but still need practice) that I must be my true self. I can’t worry if my stance on politics, or not working while in grad school, for example, offends others. Pretense is a burden I won’t carry. But I will be polite in a real conversation and look at both sides.

I am still learning that the passage of time takes away pain. Softens it. Sometimes a good night’s sleep can do the same for something (painful)that’s temporary.

I learned I have to forgive myself when I just can’t get going some days. I’m still looking for the magic “just do it” juice but I’ve yet to find it. Is it at Trader Joe’s?Does it come with shared company? That may be the answer. I may be seeing a new theme here.

I saw again today that real writers do have lots in common. Like giving and taking advice. We are all for it, appreciate every drop; we don’t take things personally. We are just thankful for the help. Thanks so much, Laura Z. And I’m waiting on you, T.

I’ve been doing an experiment this month. I learned that dog owners don’t mind if you pet their dogs, as long as you ask them first. Dog pats can provide some pretty good medicine. For free.

I was reminded not everyone who calls you has good intentions, wants to truly share time. Thank goodness for my intuition, which I DO trust now.

I’ve learned even after a divorce is final, it doesn’t make the pain go away. One can still feel sadness for the loss. It also lightens things up, makes room for good stuff to enter. But you need to put out an effort to find it.

I was reminded how good it feels to connect with old Greenhill friends. And it’s fun trying out new places for lunch.

I was reminded that those we love need to feel it and know it.

I’ve learned some days you feel very lucky. Free tickets to the Monet exhibit. A free brand new power cord for my MAC. I don’t take those things for granted and allow them to totally make my day.

I learned my hairdresser should be trusted. A “no” to bangs is probably a very good idea.

I’ve learned that if you put your hand in a fire, you will get burned. And you will also take some steps backwards. I hope I learn there’s no good purpose in a scalded hand, especially when I have control of my fingers. It does me no good.

I learned I still need to work on my memory, keep the list of what I learn each month at the bedside so I don’t forget. There’s always next month for that.