My time so far in Seattle has been fantastic; even the weather has cooperated. It has been wonderful to sit outside and do my work. And Flynn’s babysitter texted me three times today. Nancy and I have talked nonstop about everything under the sun: future dreams, retirement, the past, trips, loss, children and so much more. And of course I have had her wonderful cooking-it’s worth a trip to Seattle just for that.

Today we had a very long walk in her very hilly neighborhood. She’d done all the grocery shopping while I did my work. We chopped and diced and sauteed together, making a wonderful-smelling spaghetti sauce for our trip up to the mountains Saturday morning. Tonight, it was fresh salmon and roasted vegetables. Plans made for seeing my daughter once we get back. Packing hiking boots, layers and long underwear. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

There will be no Internet there, so I’ll write my posts while in the mountains and send them out on Monday.

Getting closer

Feeling good about the amount of work I’ve gotten done so far. I’m not even doing any yet today and it’s already noon. I think this is a first. Instead, I pack (too much) and watch Flynn as he plays hide and seek with himself or attacks a spot of something on the kitchen tile. I am excited! Ready. Looking forward to seeing Lizzy and my friends. And the mountains and the water and the trees and the green. It is a fact: I miss it. Although I will most likely miss all of Fall here in Dallas (it’s an extremely short season), it is worth it, to go back to WA. Funny, I was about to write the word “home.” I’m not sure where that is just yet but feel within two years I will know. And for now, I do love my apartment and it is a kind of home; knowing it is temporary just makes it feel a little less of one. Later, I hope to have two places even if one is just a rental for the summer. But with hard work and stamina and fearlessness, I may just have this. I WILL just have this.

Today will be a long day so I choose to write the post for my blog early. Nothing to hang over my head once I land in Seattle tonight. Then Friday and then we are off early Saturday morning! I don’t even care if it rains; I’ve brought my hiking rain gear. And lots of books.

Almost time

A new haircut. The load feels lighter. Funny, when Lizzy and her long-term boyfriend broke up early in the summer, she cut her hair too. Must be a girl thing.

It’s almost time for my trip!!! Lists checked off. Hiking boots, something nicer for Seattle and Spokane. Rain gear. Warm polka dot PJ’s-I have to tell the girls the story behind them. Books. My laptop with the remaining fiction submissions. Lizzy’s birthday gift since she isn’t coming home for Thanksgiving. The camera. The moleskin. Plants watered. Instructions for Flynn. Do I keep a light on or not? I don’t when I’m home, not any longer, but that sure happened in Lexington.

There may not be Internet where we are going hiking. We will be there for two nights. The plan is that we are picked up and brought in to the cabins. Woo Hoo! (In the winter they do it by snowmobile). I may have to write the posts, then send them out together once we return to Seattle.

My work for the third packet, so much closer to being done. The process letter is the last part and I’ve written two pages. 13 of the submissions have been read and rated. I have over a week to do 6 more. Easy as pie now. Not much stress., other than to stay ahead.

My dear friend, Melissa, will take me to Love Field. I’m grateful for my friends, for the ride to the airport, for the hiking trip, for the lunches that are planned. And last but not least, I’m grateful I’ll get to see my daughter again.