What I learned in July


What I learned in July was a lot. Maybe too much to write about, for sure, too much to remember over the past thirty-one days.

Patience remains a virtue and I move closer to it with each month that passes.

It is great to have a “family” in Dallas. My roomie’s mother and brothers and sisters-in-law embrace me, as well as Barbara’s (Kelly’s mom) friend, Faith. Inclusion is the best kind of medicine.

Sometimes so many things go right that you can’t believe it. You want to pinch yourself to see if it’s true. A path that’s the right one, filled with gratitude and belief and perseverance, can bring a kind of joy that’s just out of this world.

A person can worry themselves into a tizzy and later learn it was all for naught. Guilty X one million. Giving it to God takes lots of practice.

The ocean is calming and healing and inspiring and so much more. It will remain a place I go to often. And you can never pluck enough shells and rocks and pieces of wood from any one beach; more always appears the next morning.

I love nature and animals. Seals and birds and dogs and deer, just to name a few. They help ground me, give me pleasure. I already knew this but had to say it again.

A new place is always exciting. I found a huge smile on my face today as I picked up the keys to my new apartment, which I’ll be moving into soon. “New” signals beginnings and hopes and changes for the better. Re-inventing is good, too.

The love, concern and caring by friends makes for very good healing. So does being around your kids. To know someone is always there for you makes life worth living.

Time changes things like hurt and anger and despair.

Just when you think you can’t take another workshop, another writing assignment, another sleepless night, a new day begins and the world is fine.

Some books are just so damn good. Those with MFA’s seem to have the best titles to share.

Change can be scary but faith helps one take hold and tackle the bitch.

One can make things happen with enough grit and work and determination and passion. The walk up the mountain or out of the hole is harder than staying the same. Unless we are talking about the loss of one we love, in which case, getting out of that dark hole feels impossible, but one can make it.

Standing up for yourself can be quite difficult, but you must do it in order to truly experience self-love. Self-love, in turn, allows us to care for and be open to others, a kind of killing two birds with one stone.

With enough love and support, you can do anything, although sometimes it’s better to sleep on it and try again the next day. A good night’s rest always contributes to a better tomorrow.

It is always better to go with your gut.

Don’t ever let go of those people who would do anything for you; those friendships are few and far between. Grab onto them and love them fiercely.

When you feel tired, you should go to bed.

Progress, a journal notation and a new bathing suit

There it was on Facebook this morning in my memories-a photo of the menu I made for the dinner at our small wedding last year. I’d placed the blush colored menu with the gold emblem and the black script on my zebra chair and taken a photograph. Who comes up with these things on FB, anyway? I decided not to share it but do wonder if when the actual date comes around, if my husband will remember. I hope he does, for my ego. The photo didn’t bother me as much as it would have two months ago.

Things are moving along quickly with my graduate school work. I’m on page 162 of my second assigned book, after finishing book #1 just yesterday. This time I’m taking more notes in hopes it will be easier for the three page annotation. An old journal found this morning led me to more material for the Prologue. We’d just taken our seats in the plane on the way to Amsterdam on August 25, 2015. It was 4:30pm and this is what I’d written:

This is the start of our next phase of our lives! I’m so lucky! We are going to have a blast! I want to take it all in, write and photograph these amazing places! And love Greg with all I’ve got.

Today I bought a new bathing suit and had déjà vu. I remembered being at a shop in Plano after my first husband and I had split up. That summer I never went to the pool but I’d bought a bathing suit just in case. I’ll use this new one for the pool at my apartment and for going over to Kelly’s mother’s where she plans to have a family party. It felt odd to think of the repetition of the purchase of a bathing suit after the end of a marriage. I wonder what other things might repeat themselves after the dissolution of marriage #2.

This week I’ll look for a bed. I gave mine up when my husband and I moved in together. His was better but now I wish I had some of my old stuff. I wonder about lessons learned with parting with belongings and know I won’t ever do things the same way again. If there even is a next time. It’s exciting to think about decorating my new place and thankfully I’ll have extra money due to the sale of my house. More steps forward, more about to be checked off the list.





Setting up and a sale

My first book is finished and I work on the three page annotation. Somehow it doesn’t seem right. The first one is the hardest; I’ll get into the swing of things after I figure out what my advisor wants. The Prologue is coming along quite nicely and I’ve even started a little of Chapter One. I’m in love with how I’m spending my days (there have only been two back in Dallas).

Today I signed up for the Internet, my electricity, and the portal where I can pay my rent. I got the bill from the movers; it was pretty expensive. If and when there’s a next time, I’ll unload lots of stuff, pay for much less weight; over 3900 pounds of my life are headed my way. I’m told my things will be here between August 6 and 12 and hope it’s closer to the former than the latter of the two dates. Time at Kelly’s is winding down; I’m very thankful for her extreme generosity.

The big news: There’s a contract on my house in Seattle. CASH. It sold within the first week it went on the market. The closing is set for August 12. I’m terribly lucky and thankful for such perfect timing.

So many things ticked off my list. I told my son today I’m not sure what I’ll do about my daily posts. Will see how the rhythm of my days goes before making the final decision. My free time is limited now.